Department of Mechanical Engineering was started in 2012 with an intake of 60 students with the approval of AICTE and is currently affiliated to JNTU Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. Here we provide every possible resource and opportunity to mould the young graduates,independent minded and make them innovative to the core.Our dedicated Faculties excel in the range and quality of our cutting-edge programmes,covering the entire spectrum from under graduate courses,each designed for perfect career placement.

To earn National Reputation by grooming well qualified Engineers in the field of Mechanical Engineering and to become a centre of excellence by doing pioneering work in Research and Development activities.


  • To provide broad based Technical education where students are trained to develop their professional skills.
  • To draw the best expertie in Engineering,Science,Technology and to impart overall training to students in visualizing,synthesizing,executing their tasks.
  • To encourage Faculty members and students to participate in R & D activities.
  • To undertake sponsored Research and provide consultancy services in Industrial,Educational and society relevant areas.


  • Graduates will have a sound mathematical and Engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate,analyze and solve Mechanical Engineering problems.
  • Graduates will have skills for effective communication,team working and managerial ability.
  • Graduates will have awareness and commitment towards continuous learning,recent treands and ethical attitude.
  • Graduates will be able to achieve sucessful careers in Industry,Research and Institutions of Higher learning.
  • To provide 100% Placements through Campus Interviews and also to achieve University ranks with good results.