For the students who are persuing B-TECH in third year,the training programme is done in two phases, i.e. one in the third year first semester and another in the third year second semester.the total training programme is for 80 hours the first 40 hours in the first semester and the rest 40 hours in the following semester. the following are the area in which the students are trained:

1. Aptitude (Arithmetic, Reasoning & Verbal)
2.Presentation Skills
3.Interpersonal & Behavioural Skills
4.Resume Building Skills
5.Group Discussion Skills
6.Interview Skills

Not only in the above mentioned areas even the students are given specific training for some particular companies whose selection procedure is bit different from the regular selection process.Our main aim is that the student should be completely prepared by the time he/she is going to attend any type of interview.


In addition to the soft skills training program, we also conduct a 10hour program to refresh the technical skills of final year students to face the Technical test & Interviews. This program basically deals with C and Data Structures and is very much helpful for the non-computer science students who opt for software jobs.


Overall grooming and personality development is an essential aspect of training that the Placement Cell focuses on. Training one specifically for existing corporate challenges is a short-term goal. In order to truly empower students, the Placement Cell works on grooming them completely so tomorrow's new challenges can be dealt with effectively. The Cell helps students recognize their skills and shortcomings through a series of tests and workshops. With this information, it provides counseling and aid to facilitate students to work on their respective shortcomings and develop their skills.