In today’s rapidly changing environment, programming skills are essential tools that can be utilized and incorporated into various fields and domains. Hence, it becomes absolutely essential to equip young minds with such skills. Coding Club aims to establish a coding culture on campus, reaching every student passionate about coding. The club’s motto is to Create-Build-Innovate.

The club was started by a group of students from the departments of ECE and ISE who wanted to interact with like-minded peers and explore the world of computer science. They are driven by their passion for coding and hunger to learn, which has helped the club scale new heights.


  • Conduct more coding competitions to reach every student on campus
  • Organize an event during the annual techno-cultural fest of RVCE, 8th Mile
  • Conduct workshops on areas of computer science like web development, application
    development, machine learning, IoT etc.
  • Contribute to open source projects, build websites and applications, provide technical support to
  • organizations and various clubs on campus
  • Represent the college at inter-collegiate events
  • Take part in competitions like ACM-ICPC, Google Code Jam, Google Summer of Code, and
    other online coding events


  • The club conducts a college wide coding competition every year to recruit the students who are passionate about coding. The competition not only focuses on coding but also on logical, analytical and problem solving skills
  • The club meets every week to discuss and work on projects. All the members collaborate to achieve a common objective. Lecture sessions are also organized for the benefit of members, where some concepts of computer science are taught
  • Workshop and technical talks on various competitions and concepts of computer science are conducted through the club. The club also organizes talks/sessions by seniors and alumni about internship and placement preparation

Weekly Sessions
To expand our knowledge of computer science, the club conducts weekly sessions on various topics of computer science. The sessions held so far have been on Time and space complexity, Numerical algorithms, Hashing, Dynamic programming, Competitive coding & problem solving strategies, Cyber security, JavaScript, PHP & Databases and a few problem solving sessions.
Core Team.


  • Coding Club helps members gain in-depth knowledge of coding. This helps them immensely during placements and can also bring laurels to the institution through various national and international programming contests
  • The club helps members develop an aptitude for logical thinking and visualizing a problem from various perspectives and creating multiple innovative solutions The country as a whole requires a lot more coders for it to achieve the goal of a ‘Digital India’.
  • The club is doing its bit to help the country pursue this goal